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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs in the epithelial cells that line the milk ducts or lobules, breast tissue. Breast cancer is a malignant (cancerous) cells of the epithelial proliferation. Breast cancer is one of the leading women's cancers and the epithelial cancers at an early stage of breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Breast cancer may occur rarely, if ever a man of men and women, the ratio is 150: 1.

For the occurrence of cancer in the breast milk, is very common, but the better treatment of breast cancer mortality rate has come down to a large extent in most countries where cancer treatment facilities is available. Unlike other cancers, breast cancer is a very good fire-extinguishing equipment for lifeboats and survival craft, as well as the number of processed correctly. Compare the detection of cancer in the breast milk, as well as the number of deaths each year due to breast cancer is much less due to the improved survival with appropriate treatment.

Breast cancer is dependent on the hormone and the woman without a functional ovaries develop breast cancer and women who have never taken estrogen replacement therapy does not develop breast cancer. Due to the dependence of hormone-breast cancer appears in the typical pattern for instance. Breast cancer cases will begin to grow after menarche (, from the menstruation of women) and add till menopause-if the incidence of fires, declining again.

Three of the women's life dates, have a major influence on the occurrence of cancer in the breast milk, they are the first, menarche full-term pregnancy, the age and the age, the age of menopause. Early menarche to increase the risk of breast cancer for example, an increase in the age of 12 years following menarche, 50-60% of the risk of breast cancer at the age of menarche compared to 16. The first full term of pregnancy at the age of 18 years to reduce the risk of breast cancer in about 35% of women without children to Compare. Menopause at an early age reduces the risk of breast cancer, for example 10 years earlier menopause may reduce the risk of breast cancer by 35%.

Breast cancer treatment result depends on the stage of breast cancer. Breast cancer stages are divided into phase I to phase IV, phase IV, the hardcore.

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