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When lung cancer spreads to the brain, bone and other areas

Small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatment is usually when the disease is caught at an early stage. It remains localized, and can be removed from the lungs through the surgery. Its location and the tissues of the lungs, which is influenced by the wedge, depending upon the extent of the surgeon to perform resection, lobectomy or pneumonectomy. A large percentage of the cases does not, unfortunately, is detected, until the disease has spread to the lungs. This is known as the process of metastasis. When this happens, the surgery alone is not sufficient to justify the curing condition.

For the purposes of this article, we explain how lung cancer spreads to other areas of the body. You'll learn about the treatment options for doctors to solve disease along the way.

Metastasis to the beginning of the

NSCLC whose tumours are cancerous cells. Eventually these cells, the tumor in a nest of difference between and the other to travel to parts of the body. They can do so, the lymphatic system (the immune system element), or the patient's blood cycles through.

When lung cancer is treated in the context of the lung, it is called the primary cancer or primary tumor. When it is processed in the context of the outside of the lungs, it is called a secondary cancer. For example, if the NSCLC has spread to the brain, the surgeon can refer to it as the "brain cancer lung secondary" instead of "brain cancer." This addresses the fact that the metastasis has occurred, and indicates the original site of the disease.

When cancer cells spread the lymph nodes

The first place where lung cancer cells is the lymph nodes. The cells are brought to the attention of the lymphatic system. In many cases this is not necessarily because the cells cannot move the metastasis of the disease during the first few steps. When the cancer cells have reached the lymph nodes, however, they may spread to other sectors, in addition to the chest.

This is because of the spread of HIV/AIDS doctors rarely caught, often in the absence of the problems. When NSCLC chemotherapy has been found in the lymph nodes, is typically used to deal with it.

Lung cancer of the bone

Metastasis of bone-in General, and the estimated four out of ten people in such a way as to affect the phase with the late NSCLC. Although the disease can spread throughout the body indicated in any of the common sites include the upper, the legs, pelvis and spine in the housing. The patient experience pain that worsens as the disease advances. It is common for people to be an error, the slight sports injuries, such as muscle pain in the stocks.

Lung cancer has reached the bone over time it has progressed to the point that treatment will focus on the symptoms instead of curing the disease. Radiotherapy is usually a selection of the treatment option. The way of life of the patient may also reduce pain.

When the disease reaches the brain.

Many people who suffer from late stage lung cancer can also occur in the brain metastasis. This will cause many side effects, including headaches, Seizures, and loss of coordination. NSCLC, the symptoms are similar to the brain is reached on the drawing page.

Treatment may include several options, including surgery, chemotherapy, and stereotactic radiotherapy. This latter option is associated with a high dose of radiation, the transmission of the brain tissues of certain parts.

Cancer cells in the liver

Often, mistakenly, to represent the late NSCLC liver disease in advance. According to the time of cancer cells have reached the liver, the condition is usually considered in step 4. It often provides the patient other than that already suffers from the symptoms. At other times, the patient may feel nausea and pain in the ribs.

With NSCLC, which has spread to the bone, liver disease is the goal of reducing the symptoms. Surgery rarely occurs at this stage.

Cancer cells in the lungs metastasis to other parts of the body is an indication that surgery alone will not be able to tile casting of the disease. If you suspect that you have to be consulted, NSCLC discuss the most appropriate medical treatment options.

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Asbestos lung disease-symptoms and prognosis

Diseases related to asbestos, whenever such as asbestos lung disorder is not recognized, they have enough at the beginning of the possibility that the life threatening. Many of these critical diseases can be treated properly and when a person has actually affected at one time, and if in respect of the actual medical professionals to understand exactly how much a person had come into contact with asbestos.

By far the most important factor, to understand, is that the asbestos-related diseases have proved to be sufficiently early treatable found. Be attentive and to obtain a routine medical checks in respect of the diseases. Asbestos diseases, education, at any time someone sucks small dust of asbestos materials, without realizing, even to the point that it improves his lungs or other areas.

Such substances are needed to find a treatment for these small particles of asbestos dust, which is very easy to breathe the lung tissues, virtually no information on the reason. They can add a person's body, oral and excision of the nasal area. Asbestos lung diseases through strikes individuals in General, because it is really easy to suck in.

Should have a look at asbestos dust can be seen that they are really sharp. Despite the fact that they are incredibly small proportions, they can provide a lot of harm to the system and the body, most definitely, after someone inhales the relatively few.

Because it is present in the building of the items in a very widespread lung cancer element, one of the world most deaths have actually found the reasons for the asbestos. Mainly because of the dust is so small, it is difficult to detect the disease early enough to where the sufferer.

Asbestos materials are potentially more frightening to consider whether that is usually associated with malignancy requires at least 15-30 years before they become serious. At any time someone came to allocate a considerable amount of asbestos, they are not actually about it even 4 decades down the line. Therefore, it is very important to get a lung diseases, was examined at regular intervals. The only option if you want to prevent the degradation of the health status in the future, or, as the case may be, human life is a member of the Board of Directors of it as soon as possible.

There are many problems which become the inhaling asbestos dust asbestos lung disease, heart disease, Emphysema, asbestos, and so on. Adds the form to the malignant tumor, as the case may be, the particles of asbestos Mesothelioma Cancer is the result of the Tattoo. This happens after the fibres on the inside of the body where the sufferer has been accrued. Most someone continues when the cancer mesothelioma is actually to identify viable and one and a half years, just when the asbestos lung disease is found, actually. Again, this is exactly why the repeated certifications are very important, and if the actual patient, cannot afford to pay for treatment methods, they need acting by a qualified majority, in medicine, as well as the legal advice is that there is a need for funding to assist them.

Asbestos lung diseases are certainly more serious than people care to think today. If the final result is a victim of it, make sure that the arrest of a couple of guidelines that allow you to continue. First of all, you might not want to press the panic button. Contact the Office of the air transport command and just relax. We appreciate the clear air, that is around you. Shut down the eye-lids and simply keep in mind how the lucky, you can have is that you've found it now, do not enable physician. diagnosis of the diseases must be observed.

Consider that precisely with a view to detecting the presence of asbestos disease can be difficult to get a second opinion, should be. Thirdly, check the information on the Internet. Check out the information at all, make sure that when the medical doctor chats with you because it is easier to understand. Fourth, the search for a competent medical assistance. When is a proven fact that you have of developing asbestos-related disease, you will need the attorney at law.

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Learn how to make Lung Cancer to prevent disease in the simple things

In recent years, the different types of diseases have emerged that affect people in all walks of life. The modern lifestyle is one of the culprits and is associated with other risk factors as well. These deadly disease even younger generations are not likely to get one.

Lung cancer is a preventable disease, but the concern that traffickers may be diverting when detected at an early stage. To change the way the decision to reduce or even prevent this disease is carried out. Family history of lung cancer with is absolutely essential to avoid the potential risk factors to reduce the disease.

Sometimes, the symptoms may only manifest at a later stage, and curing cancer, it is very complex. This can be agonizing for the patient and the entire family. Early detection may be possible through a regular check box on the top, such as the characters tend to make invisible the beginning stages.

There are several forms in the treatment of cancer, and these may vary depending on the stage. Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatments, depending on the severity of the disease may require a medical practitioner. If the cancer already has affected many of the bodies, a person may have to be multiple procedures.

Reduce the risk for lung cancer, requires me to change the daily habits of the undertaking. One of the main reasons for the disease is smoking, so if you make an effort to put an end to the tupakoitsijan. You can do it gradually and you will be able to progress seems to stop smoking permanently.

Even non-smokers are also exposed to secondhand smoke in the event of a disease so avoid. By inhalation of the fumes to affect the health of the vehicle and so be careful. This type of smoke contains carcinogens that cause lung cancer, in particular those who have a very low resistance to the elements causing the disease.

It is not too late to start a daily exposure to the program. To begin using on a regular basis. If you are new to exercising a brief start with charming every morning around your environment. Change your diet and Start to eat wholesome food, such as fruit and vegetables, which are antioxidants, which strengthens the body's immune system.

Also included in the daily intake of fluids and avoid a lot of high cholesterol foods. Healthy lifestyle reduces risk of acquiring the diseases of concern that traffickers may be diverting. Be aware of simple characters and signs such as these can lead to more serious diseases later in life.

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For more information about malignant mesothelioma

Malignant mesothelioma is a cancer, which shall enter into force on the date of the mountain, which is to protect the body's internal organs or the mesothelium and several unusual species. A table or a mountain, which covers the bodies contain substances that are necessary for the protection of the human anatomy is the part where the cancer cells in the body are exposed to harmful material, or particles of asbestos. A rare type of cancer, is active and harmful. The second kinslaying and second sack of the threat of the disease is also considered a letter when it is already fully developed stage, and the growth of bacteria that is cancerous.

If the disease is likely to exist-part of the pleura. It is a thin layer of tissue that is located in the chest cavity or the mountain and the size of the lungs wrapped. When exposed to harmful material, the particles are, it is hardly possible to see with the naked eye. Due to the particles of Frank may not be be noted until the substance is already in the individual respiratory and sisäänhengitettyjen. Sisäänhengitettyjen substance in the material reaches the lungs will infect an internal body of thin lining. The activity constantly repeated from time to time, the location of the cancer cells are incubated at. Then the whole respiratory system would affect the poor and the air conditioning is as easy as it is.

The body that is affected by malignant mesothelioma is internal to the rest of the peritoneum. It is the thin lining of the stomach, which is located in the Centre of the bodies. The belly is the only one of several organs and the installation of the series is wrapped in these bodies. The material is the culprit, which appear in small forms the eye of the impossibly. When these particles float in the air, has a high probability that it can be swallowed or did. When a harmful substance is on the inside of the respiratory system, part of the foot is in the process of setting up and down the drain. Cucumber, it be swallowed and presented for supplementing the intake of other foods or drinks with a person. For digestion, through all the food and drinks to go to the health of the concentration of asbestos fibres to the brake lining of the abdomen and a virus. The same as the substance is harmful to the respiratory system, the institutions within the slowly spreading. When the infection is already higher, at what stage, its devastation is pacing the speed of the faster over time. Point should have been that the entire digestive tract dysfunction, and death to the extent that such activity is negatively affects the whole body.

When all of the malignant mesothelioma prevention is the best medical attention. If ignored, the Shaded cell is sure to grow in the form of a geometric series or exponent. In this case, is that there is a need for medical attention, and kept in a strict manner. Medical attention to the prohibition of the manufacture of asbestos-containing an extreme option is deadly quiet ways to prevent disease.

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Mesothelioma Cancer compensation issues

It is now, as the exposure to asbestos can cause some serious health issues, in particular, if the exposure is increased in the period of time. However, a very long time with the problems of asbestos claims were never actually participated in, and for this reason; Many people came out of the side effects of exposure to asbestos victims. For this reason, every day that passes, more and more cases of lung disease asbestos are seen.

One may be exposed to asbestos in a very long period, and the exposure could be ended several years ago. This, however, the effects of asbestos fibres are so deep that, several years later, this person can begin to mesothelioma cancer, which is mainly to the effects of exposure to asbestos to be increased. Such problems in cancer is by far the most of the people, which are usually to understand when is a little late, and so they live for much longer.

If someone worked in places where there is a massive asbestos exposure, it is likely that such person may apply for compensation from the asbestos, that they might be unwell due to the employer, should be dealt with properly, due to exposure to asbestos. With this contribution, the biggest problem is that the Mesothelioma Cancer usually does not show up for several years or even decades of exposure. This creates a very complex one, therefore, which is likely to drag compensation for the claim and is slowing.

Has had some breakthroughs in recent days, however, and mesothelioma, solicitor, who had succeeded to win a very crucial thing that could help in a very direct and late payment compensation claims of asbestos in the news. In any case, the judge, presided over by the ruling you made, that the insurance contract, which stood where the asbestos exposure occurred was more relevant than its landmark that stood at this time. This creates a milestone that modern insurance are now interested in the insurance of any kind outside of asbestos in many cases.

If, however, the judge had made a decision to the contrary, be a huge problem, because the application of asbestos by means of the applicants would be sued directly to their employer. This means, therefore, that many companies and enterprises have closed in the shop now. Mesothelioma lawyer success in such a case means that each, which was the applicant's asbestos compensation more easily now to go to the information they request.

However, this does not mean that all of a sudden everything is very easy to sort of compensation for mesothelioma often. However, one needs only to find that the better you can deal with the requirement in the solicitor mesothelioma. That many individuals wishing to obtain compensation from the asbestos cannot be sure that a good, experienced Mesothelioma lawyer and professional you help them work out within the shortest time asbestos compensation as quickly as possible.

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Choose the correct mesothelioma treatment

Mesothelioma is one of the types of cancer, which is not very common, but when it strikes the results usually in a very terrible. Mesothelioma the main problem is that it is a very early stage of spotted or otherwise can be very serious. When it is established, the right to remove such treatment may be rendered as it is for many of the researchers knowing. mesothelioma knows all of the information is very important because it is more and more people suffer from it.

Mesothelioma related to the argues that the first problem is the why and how it will be. Research has shown that mesothelioma is likely to come after exposure to asbestos. Another relevant issue that has recently come to light is that the life expectancy for mesothelioma is fairly limited.

in the first half of the 20th century, towards the end of the many people who were part of the American industrial revolution, and most users were significantly exposed to asbestos. Does not currently have adequate scientific and technological battery time, very little was known about this type of cancer and, in particular, the diagnosis is in fact taken place.

However, the motor insurance directives to the people who were exposed to asbestos is currently developing certain problems, and this began to raise eyebrows. And so on, mines, shipyards, construction sites were by people working environments, the use of signs and symptoms, which were similar.

From then onwards, more in-depth research and analysis of disease began to take Center stage and soon, the disease was duly eventually determine how it could be addressed. The fight to uncover unspecified secrets about the mesothelioma is most likely to spoil the event with Steve McQueen through, which was one of the Hollywood movie stars to the death. He was threatening to have died, intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma late in the motor insurance directives.

Typically, the similarity of the symptoms of mesothelioma is high, and other forms of cancer, for example, lung cancer or cancer of the larynx. This makes it quite difficult and almost impossible to know what kind of cancer and is confidently has mesothelioma.

In most cases, health experts will examine the person who is suffering from health problems related to mesothelioma information. This person is often the places where they are exposed to asbestos, a route, then the processing is done, and this depends on the level or stage of cancer, which has been found.

During the processing of other variables that are bound to create a problem, for example, age, or even other health conditions which one may suffer. This allows more complex issues to handle mesothelioma but, overall, chemotherapy is considered as one of the most reliable was widely treatment options because it registers the more fire-extinguishing equipment for lifeboats and survival craft figures compared to other forms of treatment.

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The first three steps to take next mesothelioma diagnosis

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos, a material that was routinely used in various industries before 1970s. Has three main types of the disease. Pleural mesothelioma, a form of the disease, the most visible clearly affects the tissues of the mountain range that surrounds the lungs. It causes asbestos fibres, which should be left to travel to the lungs, pleura and lung, mountain Air. Pleural mesothelioma accounts for approximately 75% of mesothelioma cases.

Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma is approximately 20% of mesothelioma cases. This illness affects the tissues of the abdomen and the lines may cause to the asbestos fibres are thought to be ingestion. Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma can affect also the testicles. Pericardial mesothelioma, mesothelioma of the tissues of the major third in such a way as to affect the type, that surrounds the heart.

Unfortunately, the cancer mesothelioma is one of the more aggressive body shapes. Depending on the stage of the cancer is discovered, in which the mesothelioma prognosis often more than one year, and several of the victims die within one month of diagnosis. However, mesothelioma victims can take several steps to themselves and their family members to cope better with this condition.

to get a second opinion on 1. Command line tools for mesothelioma is difficult due to the lack of symptoms. Patient symptoms mesothelioma may be coughing, difficulty breathing only dull chest pain and fatigue. These issues can be a variety of medical, including pneumonia, heart disease and lung cancer. In addition, mesothelioma symptoms often appear only after the disease has reached the far. These difficulties due to mesothelioma doctors often advise people to ask another was diagnosed with an opinion. The second doctor, except to confirm or disconfirm a diagnosis, but may also help diagnose cancer stage in more detail and suggest complementary treatments.

2. investigate the processing options. Mesothelioma treatments are intended to be the work of the pain, the patient's quality of life and to slow down or stop the spread of cancerous cells throughout the body. After receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma patients should examine all available treatment options. Doctors often recommend that multiple procedures such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The patients, requires individual treatment for Mesothelioma Cancer, which takes into account, as well as the patient's general health, age, and lifestyle options. Although some patients choose to discontinue treatment entirely, studies show that the mesothelioma therapies to extend the lead to whether patients and sometimes cancellation.

personal injury at work is consulted by the 3. lawyer. If you or your loved one with mesothelioma psittaci should seek advice from experienced personal injury lawyer. This is because the causes are related to mesothelioma, usually somebody's negligence or intentional wrongdoing in this area. The main cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Such exposure was often several decades ago, as the shipyard workers, the Navy personnel and construction workers from the risks related to exposure to asbestos fibres are processed as a matter of routine, of materials containing asbestos. Many of them noticed the symptoms of mesothelioma, 50 or even 60 years after the initial exposure. Skillful mesothelioma Bützow can help them and their families hold them responsible for the asbestos exposure as a result of the economic responsibility for the emotional, physical and economic damage.

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The effects of having lung cancer

Known as one part of the terms, the cancer spread to another body, the temporary. The origin of cancer, when the cancer has just recently started in the lungs, called the stage 1 lung cancer. Currently, only the malignant tumor is confined to one place, and it begins to spread to other parts of it, somehow the body.

The spread of HIV/AIDS, which begins in the lungs malignant cancer cells require the really small, and they started to spread to the lungs but at the same time, the destruction of tissues by other bodies. Also known as the primary tumor of this tumor tends to grow tissue within the lungs, where it is located. In particular, at this stage, regardless of how early stage lung cancer may have on the survival rate is not as high compared to other types of cancer.

Lung cancer is known today as one of the world's most forms of cancer, and it is responsible for more than 100 000 deaths each year. Even with such a staggering statistics of current, there are still many people who do not know that smoking tobacco or cigarettes, lung cancer is the leading cause of the cases. On the other hand, the 2nd on the one hand, and the non-smoking, which is also called passive smoking is even more dangerous than smoking, in particular related to the stage 1 lung cancer 1st hand.

Usually nicotine cigarettes make up, which causes the addictive yet toxic to humans. If an excessive exposure to carcinogenic substances or impurities, then there is the worry that the cells of the lungs may occur in the unusual growth patterns and uncoordinated.

The growth of the cells in the tumor usually leads to uncoordinated, which may be considered the beginning of cancerous invasion. In the early stages of cancer of the lymph nodes does not apply to cells, and the interest rate on the initial stage to the survival of the exhibition stands for complete cure for 50-60%.

Phase 1 cancer usually occurs in a different way, and if it can be quickly dealt with and have more opportunities, that one may not, in the lungs of cancer infection. At the beginning of the symptoms of this condition are very shallow breath and wheezing sounds. Around the chest area if this pain is usually felt pain in the chest and a general phenomenon of the growth areas of the tumor into the lungs.

Not usually permanent or sometimes chronic cough, which is also known as as smokers Cough. Multiple infections of the lungs begin to emerge, for example, in the course of the bronchitis or even, in some cases, pneumonia, and these all contribute to build up, lung cancer.

In the event that any of these symptoms appear, a medical Professional is the solution envisaged by the business data type. Recommend you the best in professional care approach to the assessment of the condition with the disease.

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Malignant mesothelioma prevention information

Mesothelioma information

The definition of the risk factor: when there is a great opportunity to get a particular illness.

Studies have shown that different types of cancers, which is the alternative risk factors. These factors should eat such as lungs or skin, non-smoking, and sunlight. With that said, mesothelioma cancer risks around the asbestos contains working at dusk. The longer you can work around asbestos, the greater the risk for malignant mesothelioma. Important: keep in mind that although the majority of cancers at an early stage of the risk factors may be high, there is no guarantee of contracting the disease.

More than 80% of mesothelioma causes of diseases caused by asbestos exposure.

Throughout the year in the first half of the 20th century the asbestos has been used for many different types of businesses. Whether it was a naval vessel or home walls, make the difference. Asbestos is present and that was a mistake. It was not before the end of the 90 's, that asbestos was banned in the United States. Asbestos has been banned for longer than the United Kingdom. Asbestos is used for the insulation of different locations. Greatly increases the risk of exposure to asbestos be malignant (cancer); cancer that does not care. Patients was diagnosed with mesothelioma, which are usually live up to 1 year longer (after identification).

If you have worked with asbestos, you know that skin/burns your eyes to the isolation of physical contact, such as they are on fire. It is recommended that you use the protective gear for sports such as: masks, long-sleeved clothes, shoes, socks and protective head-ware to prevent physical contact with asbestos.

As our mesothelioma causes, it is possible this page in particular carcinogenic, the number of workers. There are other risk factors, and may cause malignant mesothelioma. These are:

* Some of the patients had Radiation: radiation.
* Nonasbestos mineral oils Fibers
* The Simian Virus 40

Mesothelioma symptoms

Other factors may also include: chronic inflammation, chest injuries, organic chemicals, and genetics.

Please note that cancer professionals and researchers know that smoking caused mesothelioma, but it can aggravate (such as asbestosis), and the terms of the asbestos degrades the ability of the body and the control of asbestos fibres in the slab casting biological effects. Asbestos exposure and smoking can increase the person's risk of getting lung cancer much 84 times more than the person who does not smoke.

The EPA has stated that the work with asbestos is not a safe way.

OSHA has certain permissions on the exposure per cubic centimetre average for 8 hours.


In such a way as to affect the long term, the long-term exposed to deadly asbestos is almost completely (due to the fact that is not * all * get mesothelioma). If you or someone you know the environment in which the business or home is filled with asbestos and are working on the issue of asbestos in a pragmatic way, please notify this information to the competent authority. Do not search for the criminals working for 5 years, such as Catherine Potter, who is now suing, he worked in the (England) EUR 200000 for because he believes he is a cancer in the hospital. Cancer, which has been successful in he was been warned, he worked with on a daily basis for long periods of time.

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What is asbestosis and how to do this?

Asbestosis symptoms may be experienced by persons who are residing in the vicinity of asbestos plant and which somehow have become closely linked to asbestos waste. Asbestosis is a lung condition, which is due mainly to exposure to asbestos. The people who are exposed directly to the microscopic, dangerous minerals in their work area is a great risk, as well as their family members, who breathe in asbestos dust has been suspected, who are workers ' clothes.

The development of asbestosis

Our lungs is the air that we breathe the dust of the workers of the trap, micro-organisms and other foreign particles. Typically they are filtered by the nose hair is called the company of such structures are being coughed or they are of the quality system. Asbestos fibres, mineral oils, in particular, a microscopic glass-like Amphibole fibers, as well as the majority of the nose is filtered by the company or the trachea or bronchi, because they are very thin and light. Lightness and thinness makes quite stubborn, is an important source of the original filtering that most fully in the ongoing air traffic flow through the voyage, and finally the lungs the Air sacs or alveoli, where the absorption of oxygen in the blood cycle and expelled from the carbon dioxide in the vital process. Now with the asbestos fibres in the air, the presence of alveoli sacs, a key function is disrupted and entire respiratory system is compromised. The lungs in order to tackle the problem of foreign particles, generally, that the fact must be stated and the Defense cells called macrophages, which works to move after the destruction of the particles. Foreign particles than to try to destroy the macrophages with amphiboles, the hotel of a particular substance but fails because of the possible fibre itself is unbreakable.

Life-threatening amphiboles remains the lungs, when macrophages by continuous exuded gradually damage the substance causes inflammation of the alveolus and produce scar tissue, known as fibrosis. Asbestosis is followed by fibrosis continuously on 2 and 3 decades sharply worsening lung condition, such as the scar clogs are somehow in the air transport of gaseous Exchange and to the maximum extent permitted by sacs. This is not enough oxygen in the blood cycle, which is expected to support all the organ systems.

Signs and symptoms of asbestosis

At the beginning of the string is asbestosis Dyspnea shortness or breath. Continuous exposure to asbestos lung tissue scarring, faster. Gallbladder tissue still clearing off their best efforts to expand the lungs normally air conditioning. The lungs do not have to force them to take the extra effort to expand the full breaths. This problem will be easily visible, when the affected person is exercising, or no extra works. Lung condition gets worse, Dyspnea may complied with even if the person is doing the activity at all.

Persistent dry Cough, mainly in the inflamed lungs due to other common corruption. Another is because of chronic fatigue is overworked, with too much to try to pyörivin with air conditioning. Chest pain may be experienced, in particular, the entire breath also. Added symptom is insufficient, as the case may be, the breakdown of the blood in the capillaries of the oxidised the whole body system that assumes that support for the sudden disclosure of nutrients and unexplained weight loss. And, of course, that the condition may be able to breathe freely at all is to eat well. One of the data and the use of the Stethoscope sound heard in the räiskyvän of the lungs. Clubbing of the fingers are allowed, and sometimes the texture changes combined with the use of nails is also a manifestation of asbestosis, but not at all very common.

Asbestosis symptoms progress, it can cause other serious problems, such as the lungs pulmonary disease, which can contribute to the heart of the heart Chambers and, ultimately, the enlargement of the failure. Asbestosis is known to be an incurable. Once you have received, it is assumed that the rich Amphibole fibres of your lungs, it remains there forever. If you are in doubt, the symptoms of the above, it is confirmed by the medical specialist. If the tests are, asbestosis, breathe continues to be one of the most suggestive and hope. They are ways to alleviate the condition. Avoid using anything that makes the matter worse, such as smoking or consumption as it impedes the establishment of the air conditioning or stop working if you got the disease. The saddle there's nothing better than to breathe easily, because the air conditioning should be involuntary.

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Intra-peritoneal malignant mesothelioma-5 critical things you should know about Intra-peritoneal mesothelioma

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma, which attacks the abdomen also known as membrane lining of the stomach. Malignant mesothelioma (MPM) intra-peritoneal must have 20-30% of mesothelioma cases, universally fatal illness. It was the first year of 1908, Miller and Wynn. According to the statistics of the last two decades, the incidence of malignant mesothelioma cancer intra-peritoneal has increased.

Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma affects the abdomen also known as membrane lining of the stomach. Malignant cell location is the installation of the abdominal cavities of humans, and because of this, the MPM series may sometimes known as Mesothelioma or abdominal cavities. The most common term used to describe this type of Mesothelioma Cancer is, however, intra-peritoneal.

MPM is the main reason for asbestos in humans. Asbestos is typically one of the most common materials, roofing tiles, because it is cheaper, but it is easy to fix the roof. Asbestos exposure to the nearly 70-80% of Mesothelioma or lung cancer. When they swallow or breathe, come into contact with asbestos fibres in human. The inhalation of asbestos dust may increase the risk of developing asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma, but the most important thing.

Completely banned asbestos in the United Kingdom, as it was recognised in the event of a serious health hazard, and is now around 4000 deaths a year, and in many cases of serious diseases. The growth of the development of the health of the people of the threat of asbestos-related disease are those whose work brings them in to come into direct contact with asbestos, such as constructors, engineers, roofers and demolition workers. Mesothelioma asbestos exposure include other health problems, such as lung cancer, asbestosis (a chronic lung disease), and other types of cancer of the larynx such as the risk of cancer and kidney.

Malignant mesothelioma symptoms Intra-peritoneal

It may take a long time to develop the symptoms of cancer, and sometimes it may take up to 30 years, asbestos exposure, and disease from the start. The most common disease symptoms are abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, abnormal weight, anemia, fatigue, nausea, and can easily be vomiting. Abdominal pain, and the result of the accumulation of liquid prepared from the abdominal cavity. Than that, people can easily get a swine fever outbreak begins to display it when the symptoms. The symptoms of abdominal pain is stated above, the most common symptoms reported in the original MPM.

The unexplained night sweats and blood coagulation problems are less frequent symptoms occur when the cancer. If the cancer cells, to another part of the body, symptoms may lead to problems in swallowing, or swelling of the neck and face.

Abdominal mesothelioma diagnosis

It is very difficult to diagnose Mesothelioma, as does intra-peritoneal so far have not been defined in the system, the cancerous tumor cells, which separates the stages of development. If necessary, a temporary system is typically used to detect cancer TNM stages. Other than that of the serum protein related to the mesothelin (SMRP) can be used to diagnose the serum can be useful in cancer progression and monitoring. Computer, computed tomography (CT) findings may be a useful instrument in the identification and characterization of mass intra-peritoneal.

Malignant mesothelioma is a deadly Intra-peritoneal eye or eye. MPM: n diagnosis is difficult because the symptoms take a long time to appear. Early detection is the key to the treatment of mesothelioma, intra-peritoneal, usually very rapid spread of the cell.

Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma can be considered to be a very dangerous cancer among other cancer.However, we avoid this problems occur to you and your family. As I said before, early detection is the key to the success of the treatment of intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma, a cancer cell it spread very quickly. Get the Free update information by clicking on the particular treatment of mesothelioma mesothelioma mesothelioma >


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Mesothelioma-asbestos-related diseases

Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally in the form of bundles, lämmöksi. These fibers can be converted to that are resistant to heat, chemicals and electricity is not insulated is thin threads. The essence of asbestos is based on the Silicon compound with several options such as Amphibole, chrysotile ... etc.

Asbestos can be found on the construction of the cement, insulation, roofing, boilers, steam pipes, hot water pipes and a host of other products. in the 20th century was linked to respiratory problems, asbestos, asbestosis, which were in the series. in the 1950s was made later, asbestos and mesothelioma. Asbestos is now found as one of the most effective cancer in our environment. Yet, even today, asbestos is found in many products for everyday life (ex Fireproof clothing, caulk., switch plates, brake pads, etc..)

Who are at risk of developing mesothelioma?

The asbestos is particularly dangerous for persons who work regularly with it. When asbestos is disturbed, the fibres are released in the atmosphere and the people that the environment through inhalation. Construction work (for example, the renovation of old buildings constructed with asbestos cement), pipefitting and other such works can release asbestos fibres, which can then be sent through inhalation. Also, the secondary exposure is known. The dust of the clothing and hair of workers to asbestos fibres may be collected by their family members. It is known that exposure as low as possible, two months is sufficient to result in mesothelioma 30-40 years down the line.

Factors affecting the risk of mesothelioma

A number of factors determine whether asbestos exposure cause mesothelioma cancer in the future:

* Dose (how much asbestos is inhalation)
* Duration (the length of exposure to asbestos)
* Asbestos fibres (for mesothelioma, the fibres are considered to be more dangerous, because the longer they remain in the lungs, and the mesothelial layer move Amphibole) type.
* The unique risk factors such as smoking and preexisting lung conditions

How does asbestos cause mesothelioma cancer?

After inhalation of asbestos fibres cause cells to die, cause the lungs become scarred. Asbestos fibres are slow on the alveoli, and eventually the mesothelium.

For some time now, researchers have been unable to determine the exact pathway of asbestos fibres, which cause cancer. This is because asbestos is thought to be necrotic nature (that is, it kills cells). The dead cells to multiply and produce tumours. It is only recently that this is the paradox of 2010, was resolved. Asbestos fibres cause programmed cell necrosis, which is released from the molecule of high mobility group box 1 (HMGB-1) protein is known. The reaction of HMGB1 for the start of the Prostate, which lead to tumor growth, but the genes and factors of production.

The genetic damage, including those parts that regulate cell reproduction DNA in cells. Cells will begin to play the uncontrollably which form tumours. The growth factors in the result, therefore, be encouraged to expand their tumours of mesothelioma and lung cancer, cancer, depending on the site of injury.

Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Important information about Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a dangerous cancerous disease that are reduced by exposure to asbestos. In General, such as the cancer develops, that the large increase in internal body linings. Asbestos fibres, which are usually minuscule, they generally get lodged in the nature of the account of the lining of the bodies of the institution and the time to create a suitable environment for the cancerous tumours begin to grow.

One is exposed to asbestos, which actually starts to develop mesothelioma, for the first time, there may be several decades. This explains why many people are not able to tell you that they only understand mesothelioma is a little too late, as the case may be, significant treatment shall be carried out.

Workers who play their trade in the construction or building sites and in shipyards tend to asbestos exposure, and this can be quite dangerous. The inhalation of asbestos fibres over time means that they have a lot of this asbestos in their bodies, and this creates a situation of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma Cancer attacks the lungs and the abdomen, usually of the heart.

For example, mesothelioma appears in multiple forms is not so common form is known as pleural which attacks the lungs. It comes when the asbestos fibres, which are substances and preparations which are toxic for themselves within the period of the lungs and adjoining regions of the liners.

If the asbestos fibres in the stomach to somehow leave the mountain then the scoping intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma. This one will, in particular, when you eat foods that are covered in a microscopic asbestos fibres. This fibrous assemblies you can sit in the stomach for a very long time to appear properly.

In time, it begins, however, lead to a cancer cell growth in a suitable environment. Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma is not as common as pleural mesothelioma by 10-20% of the patients suffering from Mesothelioma, it is known to the population.

A small asbestos fibres is known to also get stuck inside the lining of the heart, and this is where the cancer may begin to grow. This type of mesothelioma is pericardial scientifically mesothelioma and can be found in the form of mesothelioma is approximately 10% of cases.

Mesothelioma is typically a combination of several procedures, radiation and surgery, chemotherapy. As well as mesothelioma treated condition may reduce the adverse impact of the disease and somehow will heal it up completely. However, this may be the only true if mesothelioma is detected much earlier stage, so that the treatment of cancer is treated properly.

Although it is quite difficult to know if you have this cancer at an early stage, it is not impossible to do monthly checkups. Make sure to ask your doctor to check it because many times the symptoms of physical warning does not appear at all.

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Demystifying mesothelioma and create solutions

Rare forms of cancer, mesothelioma, which causes an increase in exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is typically made of a small little fibres that are used to build houses on several occasions, office buildings, educational institutions, and several other buildings in the insulation.

You can obtain many of the others you risk not only of the Contracting Party, it also allows for mesothelioma asbestos diseases in the context of the related Detail. Asbestos is also makes it difficult for experts to give their hands only to one and only one solution to the problem. There are many other problems, for example, that by the kidneys or throat mesothelioma.

Asbestos exposure leads to abdominal cavities mesothelioma, which is a condition that must be constantly and because of the extreme exposure to asbestos. On the other hand, the evident in pleural mesothelioma in individuals who have become less fibres that are not exposed to contact with high levels of asbestos.

It may take several years before one can see signs of mesothelioma is the problem, and that must be solved. Many of the symptoms appear at a time, but will be rejected quickly aging is associated with problems. Therefore, if you know anyone who is exposed to asbestos from the doctor then they tell you the way forward. Equally, if they are compatible with lung problems, then you need to visit a doctor immediately.

It is important that you not forget that the symptoms can often be misjudged to be old age, and so on and so on. Many people expected actually profound, and the symptoms appear in ankara before they begin to think about getting a diagnosis, as soon as possible. This presents us with the concept of analysis for the official control of the disease.

In the early stages of mesothelioma can be difficult to track because of the symptoms that are usually related to aging and other processes of life. That said, it is important to keep in mind the symptoms of mesothelioma can be identified. Several people with pleural mesothelioma typically run the breath of some kind of ache a little less than with the ribs.

If someone has been in contact with asbestos, they should get MRI or x-ray, they are to be carried out. The treatment that will really depend on the expert, which uses scanning identification, if not at all an experiment, the growth of CT analysis of mesothelioma.

Shortness of breath, chest pain caused by these other factors was not within the territory of the pleura, the increased fluid. This usually refers to anything other than pleural mesothelioma mesothelioma intra-peritoneal is also, although the weight of the cut in the abdomen, the pain of others, such as swelling of the stomach, which is collected in the fluid.

All of these symptoms of mesothelioma may not be apparent. It may take several years before, as the case may be, in fact you will notice that you have Mesothelioma. Whatever the case, or pleural cancer intra-peritoneal, an institution which has affected could begin leaking liquid very close to the chest, for example, the area surrounding the areas, and it may even heart failure congestive rikkoontua into the related problems.

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Smoking and the effects of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos fibres. Although this is a cancer that affects the lungs, the plural is not in the mountain of the lung cancer.

For those who are afflicted with mesothelioma prognosis is poor. Because the symptoms can be detected and the very long sleep difficulties many times during the year is not found before the mesothelioma is too late. When a person is exposed to asbestos fibres, they should leave the lungs when they create Scar tissue in the pleura. This scar eventually turn cancer and mesothelioma. Many people, even if only for a short period of time, may be exposed to asbestos as a result of the agreement, the terms and conditions set forth in this disease.

Even though smoking is a very fast way to damage the lungs, it is important to understand that smoking caused mesothelioma. However, non-smoking person rain complicate your Contracting Party of the disease. Smoking can cause mesothelioma directly, but it can cause other life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, combating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Emphysema and asbestosis. Asbestosis mesothelioma is not in the form, but it will help the development of cancer.

If the patient was diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is essential that they should stop smoking immediately. The statistics, which are devastating the surrounding non-smoking. In spite of the fact that smoking causes mesothelioma, it increases the chance of lung cancer to 50% or even more! The patient, which is likely to be tupakoitsijan is more than the disease of the lungs related to a person who has been affected by Mesothelioma for several years. Before it goes to Show that how damaging and serious, the effects of smoking are the lungs.

Mesothelioma and lung cancer and an increased risk of cancer caused by smoking are extremely serious because of the difficulties of their detection. The severity and symptoms of type is dependent on many factors. Mesothelioma patients by inhalation of asbestos fibres, in view of the magnitude of the exposure limit and define the severity of the cancer and the side effects. Lung cancer caused by smoking, non-smoking day, and how long a person has smoked in the severity of side effects and is determined.

Tupakoitsijan, which, at any stage of his life, the charges should be tested immediately to mesothelioma and other types of lung cancer related diseases, even if the symptoms are non-existent. Again, it is important to understand that the mesothelioma and lung cancer are separate, there are two types of cancers, as well as the lungs or the bodies dealing with the surrounding.

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The person seeking compensation for mesothelioma

Mesothelioma compensation shall be granted to the applicant, when this land grant, or the defendant has been found responsible for causing the disease. The person seeking such compensation should always be the primary concern for those affected by cancer in this form. Many of the still, only the compensation. Why is this? A misconception common to Mesothelioma or other medical-related lawsuits is that they intended to seek "Revenge" for sick. Such an assessment is obtuse in many levels. Afflicted with a view to seeking a solution, or should the judgment due to the enormous costs associated with the suffering from the disease.

Mesothelioma is a serious condition, such as it is from exposure to asbestos in the form of cancer. Often, the exposure is derived from negligence. One of the form displays the deletion result in the neglect of the owner or the management of the building should be correctly displayed on the screen and those caused by Mesothelioma from exposure to the building. It is also not without precedent, that the losses suffered by the faulty equipment working in asbestos, as a result of their exposure.

Regardless of the reason for exposure to mesothelioma is life threatening. Please send all sorts of mesothelioma remission of economic costs. This is the main reason why mesothelioma compensation needs to be after the medical bills of charges related to the need to cover. Without treatment, it becomes much more difficult, the best translate option.

Again, just because it gets the money prizes are so important. Treatment costs are so because of the enormous financial costs, as the case may be, it said. And why not they who are responsible for the condition to the liability of the insolvency of its costs?

Once again, these costs can be significant. To supplement the medical bills can amass from other sources.

Depending on the current stage of the disease afflicted may not work. Although unable to legally work in may, the situation in the wake of some sympathy is not with the surrender of automatically. The flow of money without viable economic stress is bound to increase significantly. Effective charges for litigation or settlement system to significantly alleviate the financial burden of such pressure.

The second area of mesothelioma compensation which is paid to attention should pain and suffering. To the extreme pain and discomfort to the reasons for the deal with mesothelioma may be justified, in view of the large financial compensation awards. The law was in place to handle such corrective measures and it shall be the suffering of the civilian awards. Such a condition for the rights of those suffering from the very get payments.

Questions arise over compensation, which may be granted. Answers to such questions are not in order to be truly effective. Is not clear and Set premiums mesothelioma compensation. Some of the sentences are quite large and the other may be modest. Is simply too many factors that weigh how awards are made. A key factor in this is that the afflicted seek qualified and experienced attorney that specializes in such cases. In this case, increase the likelihood that the relevant payment is reached.

Payment may be in the form of the two. The first would be an out of court settlement, and the other would be in line with the judgment of the civil case, the consequences. One is not better than the other and decides to accept the settlement vs. take case to the civil courts. Several factors, which can go to for how the decision making process, in particular in the event of a dispute, should move forward. When determining which direction to follow is based on the border situation and the needs of the legal counsel for advice. Regardless of the specific situation of the Oman, all those involved in the case of mesothelioma, an effort should be made for their needs the best possible result.

In short, they should seek economic duration, which are acquired in such a way as to allow the maximum number is not supplied, the brunch. Discuss the specific options to improve the Council, acting by qualified majority with the attorney, follow the instructions in the needs and requirements of the appropriate rate of incidence.

The person seeking compensation for mesothelioma is a process which should not be taken lightly. Included are the very large number of complexity, and the right to take decisions by a reasonable judgments and the ability to receive only. Therefore, the appropriate treatment is the go to process. Otherwise you may restrict the intake of immensely.

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How can a person be admitted to the asbestos Fiber?

If he then connected to asbestos illness you can certainly count on experienced asbestos coverage. Mesothelioma is actually the mineral oils with incredibly high heat fiber strength and can withstand flames for contact information. They are minute dimensions, odor free and unpalatable, that every time you breathe in the air, can never even stop the dust contaminants do not understand it. They are very dangerous to ensure, in particular, the amount of minerals important moment is the great threat did get mesothelioma related disorders. The actual fact of the most damaging to the lungs and the regular irritation around the chest cavity. It is often identified or this illness is asbestosis and mesothelioma cancer mesotholioma to import data on the inside of the very long run.

-The Asbestos workers of the port facility and their families

When an employee enters a transaction in a major asbestos plant features the incredible exposure to the asbestos fibre regular probability. Instead of just the staff, but also their family members. Asbestos fibres are like dirt and can be attached to your own exposure to it is not about the individual activity of his clothing. That provides us with the assumption that any of the members of the family of fibre harmful to breathe.

-Citizens for outstanding mesothelioma factories

Someone living in the vicinity of asbestos, the port facility is to be attributed to the very likely asbestos. The fibres of asbestos factory in the objectives communicated in delivery vans or in the future with all the facilities of the waste shall be established on the basis of the items in the minerals. Just to visualize that an employee and the different varieties of the shipment/receive form, you pass through the delivery of the vehicles and on the inside and the outside your House, every single day. This is the possibility of living close to asbestos plants.

-The development of workers '

Also, persons who are functioning, the development of enterprises liable to be exposed to asbestos fibre. Forty years out of the building is a high chance of being installed with the application of asbestos fiber. Building workers can then be exposed to due to floor tiles, flame-proof entrance, shingles, roofing material, and the other, to help protect you from the heat of asbestos fibre. These personnel are heading for their job opportunities. They move and reconstruct. But when the substance is still disturbed asbestos, then it can very easily be part of the incredible small dust in the air transport as it should be noted, on the basis of lightness.

What exactly are the indicators?

The difficulty with the air conditioning can be a person of his lungs clogging gradually/professional common symptom of asbestos. Asbestos fibres, mineral oils, in particular the type, which is called the amphiboles, may collect the lungs inside the air sacs or exclusively in the alveolus and remain unbroken, even through the lungs, the macropahages is to protect the cells. These constant attempts to destroy the abnormal macrophages of contaminants, the apartment hotel in any way guarantee that the substances, but is. Exuded substances can be regarded as an alternative to the scar tissues of lung fibrosis of the lungs than situation. Such tissues not obstructed gallbladder, when a person enters the lungs breath shortness of expertise.

Chest pain is also noticed by the people who are susceptible to mesothelioma. Scar cells move to the expanded coverage of asbestos lungs not obstructed. Such as the lungs, fibrosis in more relevant is the incredibly a lot of problems when breathing to expand the search. Try to consider the total breaths chest ache occurs. This is when the lungs are now attempting to expand the incentive to achieve total air conditioning.

A set of people who identify asbestos is verified, and the fingers of the interested clubbing. The fingers are deformed, and the fingerprints of the recommendations with a rough surface is rounder. This really is mainly due to the irregular distribution of oxygen, therefore, the alveolus deterred the run brought the blood stream does not have enough food, the size of the human body. The tangible effect within the finger nails appears.

The characters and their strategies for the symptoms of asbestosis

After you have imported the already recognized as having Mesothelioma or asbestosis, or possibly related to the disease in the lungs must be treated as absolutely too carefully. Since asbestosis is an incurable, the myriad ways free from symptoms of the condition. The original, to its delivery. Go to any place where the muutoksten air. The second way is still the program balanced diet plan that will improve their own lungs resistance to fight the other things that may aggravate the situation. You need to reduce cigarette smoking or to smoke. Keep away from drinking alcohol, because this can also have an adverse effect on your lungs.

Exactly where we are to obtain a refund?

You have now been identified for a moment, or possibly associated with asbestosis Mesothelioma lawyer is to correct the disease out of the mesotholioma of the call. To qualify for this illness in everyday life constitutes a threat to the conservation and really is its own asbestos producers that the disorder has a fault. The conclusion of the laboratory rats than human is, what the suppliers of asbestos are the official languages of the executing State. They intend to have the following consequences of their merchandise. They should be in the user interface (UI) through the injury and now he will be assisted by the mesotholioma lawyers to obtain a just settlement on the edge. Let the people makers would have to pay the health bills and also really do not need to use your very own resources in cancer, or simply mesotholioma.

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All you need to know about lung cancer stages

If you have lung cancer, the disease is very important to understand what it is and how to deal with effectively. Many people do not care and tend to give up before they even attempt to collect information.

For the most effective treatments, for example, the upper parts of the body to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. If this therapy is the upper body parts on the inside of the chest area. Prophylactic Cranial irradiation, chemotherapy could be, or even without it.

There are many ways to treat lung cancer but all these methods are extremely painful and often end up leading to improved. Radiotherapy may be rendered in the parts of the body which affect cancer. In many ways be examined to address the natural lung cancer, but many have not proven to work.

Are in some cases, would be what miracles, and people are hot. Organized, you can really never know, and it is really to give some of these natural methods to try the test. You can find out much about the natural methods, search the Internet. You'll also come across many people who have tried these methods. You can learn a lot of these people.

In the case of lung cancer that occurs in the area and only a few cells and then the processing is to use the supervisory volatility adjustments approach or even a photo dynamic therapy, simply because it is designed to develop the lung on the top of the mountain. When the inflammation of the affected areas include the times then the processing is to include surgery, which removes the tumor and the lymph nodes.

Surgery is a very risky move and to consider all other options before making a final decision on surgery will be. This is a very important decision, so make sure you give it a lot of time.

Although there is nothing of this disease is very important to keep their own hopes and stay with the cure for the priority is a positive outlook. Many of the people who are diagnosed with this disease will end up before they are even trying to fight this often leads to a huge depression with luopuville.

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Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma facts

Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma is another term used to define the mountain, which protects and covers the other parts of the abdomen the abdominal cancer in several organs. Thin installation scripts to protect the bodies of the substances that are naturally present in the body, but does not need to be confused with these viscera. Blood is a substance that is not usually on the inside of the stomach, for example. Blood is not included in the digestive tract, or the system context. In particular, the type of cancer caused by asbestos. Created by cancer cells, as well as the harmful substance attacks the thin case that wraps around multiple bodies vatsasta. This type of cancer in the lining, which protects and covers the body is very small compared to the same disease type, but the attacks of the second body. In most cases, in particular as regards cancer and destroys that attacks the lungs in the respiratory track, because asbestos fibres have high probability of inhalation, ingestion and stomach. Cancer that attacks the respiratory system, as compared to the same terms and conditions set forth in this disease, the mortality rate is lower than the vatsasta type.

This cancer symptoms are common, it is interpreted as a simple discomfort until the disease is already a serious step. The symptoms of the disease is even evident that only several years after the development of harmful cells. Some of the entries are weight loss, abdominal pain, because the fluid to be produced in some cases the swelling. These indicators are also symptoms of other diseases. The second set of symptoms may be evident, however, when the disease is already severe. These marks, depending on the stage of the cancer is different. When harmful cells have already spread to affect or other parts of the body, the alarming instance is clearly visible. The patient should be so painful esophageal most of the time. Although the consumption, the patient is having a tough time to swallow the fluid. There is a swelling of the neck or the patient's face.

There are two classifications of a wet and intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma, dry. The existence of the wet type of the fluid. In the case of liquid, cancer is malignant. Even if medical treatment is required to comply with the vuosienkin after a lethal cancer, does not yet have the possibility to develop cells. Dry classification, which is localized in the feature, which can be extracted surgically. This kind of disease patients, most of which are asbestos factory workers. The company's employees are likely to be exposed to hazardous materials, because even if the raw materials in contact with them. Particles can penetrate the material and the use of the work of the masks for protective clothing. The worst thing is that the members of their families at home are also susceptible, through the use of clothing workers, employees of the home. The particles which they import the oleilevien things.