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The effects of having lung cancer

Known as one part of the terms, the cancer spread to another body, the temporary. The origin of cancer, when the cancer has just recently started in the lungs, called the stage 1 lung cancer. Currently, only the malignant tumor is confined to one place, and it begins to spread to other parts of it, somehow the body.

The spread of HIV/AIDS, which begins in the lungs malignant cancer cells require the really small, and they started to spread to the lungs but at the same time, the destruction of tissues by other bodies. Also known as the primary tumor of this tumor tends to grow tissue within the lungs, where it is located. In particular, at this stage, regardless of how early stage lung cancer may have on the survival rate is not as high compared to other types of cancer.

Lung cancer is known today as one of the world's most forms of cancer, and it is responsible for more than 100 000 deaths each year. Even with such a staggering statistics of current, there are still many people who do not know that smoking tobacco or cigarettes, lung cancer is the leading cause of the cases. On the other hand, the 2nd on the one hand, and the non-smoking, which is also called passive smoking is even more dangerous than smoking, in particular related to the stage 1 lung cancer 1st hand.

Usually nicotine cigarettes make up, which causes the addictive yet toxic to humans. If an excessive exposure to carcinogenic substances or impurities, then there is the worry that the cells of the lungs may occur in the unusual growth patterns and uncoordinated.

The growth of the cells in the tumor usually leads to uncoordinated, which may be considered the beginning of cancerous invasion. In the early stages of cancer of the lymph nodes does not apply to cells, and the interest rate on the initial stage to the survival of the exhibition stands for complete cure for 50-60%.

Phase 1 cancer usually occurs in a different way, and if it can be quickly dealt with and have more opportunities, that one may not, in the lungs of cancer infection. At the beginning of the symptoms of this condition are very shallow breath and wheezing sounds. Around the chest area if this pain is usually felt pain in the chest and a general phenomenon of the growth areas of the tumor into the lungs.

Not usually permanent or sometimes chronic cough, which is also known as as smokers Cough. Multiple infections of the lungs begin to emerge, for example, in the course of the bronchitis or even, in some cases, pneumonia, and these all contribute to build up, lung cancer.

In the event that any of these symptoms appear, a medical Professional is the solution envisaged by the business data type. Recommend you the best in professional care approach to the assessment of the condition with the disease.

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