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Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma facts

Intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma is another term used to define the mountain, which protects and covers the other parts of the abdomen the abdominal cancer in several organs. Thin installation scripts to protect the bodies of the substances that are naturally present in the body, but does not need to be confused with these viscera. Blood is a substance that is not usually on the inside of the stomach, for example. Blood is not included in the digestive tract, or the system context. In particular, the type of cancer caused by asbestos. Created by cancer cells, as well as the harmful substance attacks the thin case that wraps around multiple bodies vatsasta. This type of cancer in the lining, which protects and covers the body is very small compared to the same disease type, but the attacks of the second body. In most cases, in particular as regards cancer and destroys that attacks the lungs in the respiratory track, because asbestos fibres have high probability of inhalation, ingestion and stomach. Cancer that attacks the respiratory system, as compared to the same terms and conditions set forth in this disease, the mortality rate is lower than the vatsasta type.

This cancer symptoms are common, it is interpreted as a simple discomfort until the disease is already a serious step. The symptoms of the disease is even evident that only several years after the development of harmful cells. Some of the entries are weight loss, abdominal pain, because the fluid to be produced in some cases the swelling. These indicators are also symptoms of other diseases. The second set of symptoms may be evident, however, when the disease is already severe. These marks, depending on the stage of the cancer is different. When harmful cells have already spread to affect or other parts of the body, the alarming instance is clearly visible. The patient should be so painful esophageal most of the time. Although the consumption, the patient is having a tough time to swallow the fluid. There is a swelling of the neck or the patient's face.

There are two classifications of a wet and intra-Peritoneal Mesothelioma, dry. The existence of the wet type of the fluid. In the case of liquid, cancer is malignant. Even if medical treatment is required to comply with the vuosienkin after a lethal cancer, does not yet have the possibility to develop cells. Dry classification, which is localized in the feature, which can be extracted surgically. This kind of disease patients, most of which are asbestos factory workers. The company's employees are likely to be exposed to hazardous materials, because even if the raw materials in contact with them. Particles can penetrate the material and the use of the work of the masks for protective clothing. The worst thing is that the members of their families at home are also susceptible, through the use of clothing workers, employees of the home. The particles which they import the oleilevien things.

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