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What is asbestosis and how to do this?

Asbestosis symptoms may be experienced by persons who are residing in the vicinity of asbestos plant and which somehow have become closely linked to asbestos waste. Asbestosis is a lung condition, which is due mainly to exposure to asbestos. The people who are exposed directly to the microscopic, dangerous minerals in their work area is a great risk, as well as their family members, who breathe in asbestos dust has been suspected, who are workers ' clothes.

The development of asbestosis

Our lungs is the air that we breathe the dust of the workers of the trap, micro-organisms and other foreign particles. Typically they are filtered by the nose hair is called the company of such structures are being coughed or they are of the quality system. Asbestos fibres, mineral oils, in particular, a microscopic glass-like Amphibole fibers, as well as the majority of the nose is filtered by the company or the trachea or bronchi, because they are very thin and light. Lightness and thinness makes quite stubborn, is an important source of the original filtering that most fully in the ongoing air traffic flow through the voyage, and finally the lungs the Air sacs or alveoli, where the absorption of oxygen in the blood cycle and expelled from the carbon dioxide in the vital process. Now with the asbestos fibres in the air, the presence of alveoli sacs, a key function is disrupted and entire respiratory system is compromised. The lungs in order to tackle the problem of foreign particles, generally, that the fact must be stated and the Defense cells called macrophages, which works to move after the destruction of the particles. Foreign particles than to try to destroy the macrophages with amphiboles, the hotel of a particular substance but fails because of the possible fibre itself is unbreakable.

Life-threatening amphiboles remains the lungs, when macrophages by continuous exuded gradually damage the substance causes inflammation of the alveolus and produce scar tissue, known as fibrosis. Asbestosis is followed by fibrosis continuously on 2 and 3 decades sharply worsening lung condition, such as the scar clogs are somehow in the air transport of gaseous Exchange and to the maximum extent permitted by sacs. This is not enough oxygen in the blood cycle, which is expected to support all the organ systems.

Signs and symptoms of asbestosis

At the beginning of the string is asbestosis Dyspnea shortness or breath. Continuous exposure to asbestos lung tissue scarring, faster. Gallbladder tissue still clearing off their best efforts to expand the lungs normally air conditioning. The lungs do not have to force them to take the extra effort to expand the full breaths. This problem will be easily visible, when the affected person is exercising, or no extra works. Lung condition gets worse, Dyspnea may complied with even if the person is doing the activity at all.

Persistent dry Cough, mainly in the inflamed lungs due to other common corruption. Another is because of chronic fatigue is overworked, with too much to try to pyörivin with air conditioning. Chest pain may be experienced, in particular, the entire breath also. Added symptom is insufficient, as the case may be, the breakdown of the blood in the capillaries of the oxidised the whole body system that assumes that support for the sudden disclosure of nutrients and unexplained weight loss. And, of course, that the condition may be able to breathe freely at all is to eat well. One of the data and the use of the Stethoscope sound heard in the räiskyvän of the lungs. Clubbing of the fingers are allowed, and sometimes the texture changes combined with the use of nails is also a manifestation of asbestosis, but not at all very common.

Asbestosis symptoms progress, it can cause other serious problems, such as the lungs pulmonary disease, which can contribute to the heart of the heart Chambers and, ultimately, the enlargement of the failure. Asbestosis is known to be an incurable. Once you have received, it is assumed that the rich Amphibole fibres of your lungs, it remains there forever. If you are in doubt, the symptoms of the above, it is confirmed by the medical specialist. If the tests are, asbestosis, breathe continues to be one of the most suggestive and hope. They are ways to alleviate the condition. Avoid using anything that makes the matter worse, such as smoking or consumption as it impedes the establishment of the air conditioning or stop working if you got the disease. The saddle there's nothing better than to breathe easily, because the air conditioning should be involuntary.

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