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Little known facts of asbestos

Asbestos has been used for centuries. It was known as the fire-resistant properties, even back to the Greek and Roman times, it just had not been invited to the asbestos back then. Marco polo, actually wrote the magic carpet, which was a clean throw fire, it is now thought that this was the woven asbestos fibre mat. Slaves used to wear the shirt, which was also a clean throw the shirt on fire, but also noticed that the slaves of the Romans, who was wearing a Magical garment were dying a horrible disease of the lungs during Roman times. The Romans call a horrible death, just you know is wrong way to go.

Fast forward in the 1900 's and were all asbestos in brakes and all the chimneys. Asbestos can be found on the walls, external fire, cladding, chimneys, toasters, hair dryers, brake pads, tiles, insulation, carpet underlay, garages, meter boxes, just a few of the name.

There are three types of asbestos, white, Brown and blue. White is the most common and is still legal to use in some countries (Australia). Due to the impurities include refining, blue and brown asbestos, not only have so much material that is made from white asbestos.

Blue and brown asbestos is deadly. Blue and brown asbestos was banned in Australia in 1983 and it is illegal to use in most countries today. Blue asbestos is the most deadly and it is, however, responsible for most of the deaths caused by asbestos. Asbestos fibre is its lungs, it can stay there for life. When viewed from a microscopic fibre is shown at the bottom of the PIN. When you try to encapsulate the cells in the pin in the shape of the chrysotile asbestos fibres of asbestos fibre. For this reason, the deadly asbestos fibre.

Asbestos is fire-resistant, strong, lightweight, inexpensive, and the mould and fungus. Is the thought that the building materials, perfect, but it can kill, sometimes it takes more than thirty years of symptoms to appear, and one of them to make the most of the people shall be adopted in accordance with the six months to live. My friend who is a Nurse, said he thought that, in the worst cases of asbestos disease was to go and that he had never seen anyone so much pain.

Asbestos, that you can see floating in the air does not kill you, not small enough to reach deep into his own, to the lungs. It is you do not see the asbestos fibres, which hurt you the most.

If you run the security procedures for the application of asbestos by means of the read and follow them. People have died in the time from exposure to asbestos-related disease asbestos.

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