Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Toenail clipping sets the Lung Cancer Risk

Get this ... the test of the toenail images for lung cancer, explains what your exposure to cigarettes, even if you're not tupakoitsijan!

This is due to the testing of the toenail clippings was diagnosed with lung cancer of 210 men Plus 630 men-free controls. For this research were donated to the toenail clippings medical professionals who participate in the survey.

Why use all toenails?

Researchers trying to find a way to measure exposure to secondhand smoke. They tried the nicotine measurement of human hair, but when the researchers for the study of the toenail clippings from participants as they thought, they may be useful. Because the hair and toenails of the same type to make up the tissue, it may be possible to analyze them for nicotine.

Exposure to nicotine-Toenails represents over the last few years, and it does not require special storage advantage. Toenails grow fastest in men's and young people and to us all.

Amazingly the team concluded that nicotine toenails are reliable interpretation of the non-smoking space up to 6 years prior to the clips. They are also able to predict the risk of heart disease in women. Females, which was the highest on their toenails nicotine was 42% of the greater the chance of heart disease compared with the lowest levels of nicotine.

20% of the maximum nicotine clips showed men with riskialttiimmilla to develop lung cancer. It was 10.5 times higher, the possibility of this form of cancer, compared to 20% of the participants, which was the lowest amount of nicotine in their clips. Even when accounting for non-smoking men with the highest of the toenail nicotine was 3.5 times more risk of toenail nicotine was diagnosed with lung cancer, at least compared to the volume.

Such as the detection of cancers at an early stage lung cancer go, is one of the deadliest types of men and women. More die of lung cancer than breast cancer, colon and prostate combined. The most common cancer in older people, this is rare for 45 years.

We know for certain that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. The reason which may prevent you from starting the habit and never the avoidance of secondhand smoke.

Scientists believe now we have a valuable way to measure the exposure of patients and predict lung cancer risk, whether the smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke. The Amazing either type of smoke that exposure can be detected in all your food, your toes down. over the air (OTA).

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